Work Study Program

Our Work Study Program is for people that are serious about Pole and want to make it a bigger part of their lives.  No matter if its Competing, Instructing or in the process of switching careers. It is an intense Year long commitment where you will be required to work and train between 8-16 hours per week. During these shifts you will be responsible for Opening / Closing studio, Work the front desk, Cleaning, and a number of extra tasks.  In exchange you will receive Unlimited Classes and space for practice / rehearsal time. Also discounts on selected Merchandise, Workshops & Personal Training.  We hire 2 groups per year, one in January and second in June.  Many of our Work-Studies go on to be members of the Operations Team or Instructors at the studio but being apart of the work-study program comes with no guarantee of employment after work-study program is completed.


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