Party Package #2


2 1/2 (2.5) hours Pole Party, 10 Guests


PLEASE NOTE:   You can not downgrade or upgrade after party is booked.

This Package is Not available for Private Location, This Package is only offered at R&D studio's 

The first hour will be Party Games the last hour and a half is on the pole.
You and your divas will learn different spins on the pole, sexy floor work, and a sexy walk. By the end of the party you and your divas will know an exciting sexy dance routine.
After the 10th person it's $25 per person this includes both dancing and non-dancing divas in your party.

If you would like to bring any outside food &/or beverages, we charge and additional $45 for our clean up fee. (Vomiting  inside/outside of the studio  is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate fee  of $75. Total $120) 

Special Request for The Owner (Phee) to Host Your Party is an additional Fee: $125