Brittni W.

New York, NY

I just came back from a sip and paint class. We painted a nude male model. The class was SO fun. I would definitely recommend. The owner totally knows how to work the crowd and get everyone excited for the "show". We play a couple games and have a lot of laughs and when it was time to go, I wasn't ready. I had so much fun and will definitely go again. Not to mention, the model! SO FINE. Perfect body and such a good sport. 5 out of 5!

Andresia W.

Las Vegas, NV

My friend gave me a pole party for my 43rd birthday at Romance and Dance. I will say, I was a little intimidated when she told me this. All I could think of is, I don't know how to be sexy and sensual. Let me tell you I had so much fun. When you 1st walk in, there is a big pretty chair for you to take pictures in, yes with a pole. Once behind the door it was party time. I forgot all about not knowing how to be sexy. The instructor of the class was so cool and definitely knew her stuff. Come to find out she was the CEO (Phee). I was in there feeling sexy, talking mess, swinging on the pole and having a mighty good time. I will definitely recommend R&D to anyone that would like to build their confidence and sexiness. We had an amazing experience.

Annie B.

Long Beach, CA

"I fell in LOVE with this place! I signed up for a Thursday "Newbie Pole Class" with Dee, and stayed for TWO MORE CLASSES that night, and left buying a package (and was offered an awesome deal). These ladies are the real deal! I've only had class with Dee thus far, but she encouraged me to try all their seasoned instructors as they all offer their own flavor. She met me at my very beginner level and the rest of the class seemed to be made up of regulars who were SO encouraging toward me. It felt amazing. Side note, I am a Yoga Teacher myself and 2 days later I have not been THIS SORE since YTT! I underestimated the idea of pole fitness as a serious workout, but it IS. It builds resilience, strength, flexibility, and upper body targeted strength like no other discipline Ive tried so far. Highly recommended whether you are a professional exotic dancer, you've never danced or moved in your life, if you're male or female, any skill level. These ladies will meet you where you're at and make you feel so special. So lucky I've found this place. x Anne

Russel A.

Henderson, NV

So much fun! My friend hosted her dirty 30 here and I was living every minute! I came in a bit late, but was able to catch the hour of intro pole dancing and hour of twerking! And I did it in my heels! Our hosts were so friendly and hyped us up the entire time. Plus they are SO talented. I wish I had their pole and booty shaking skills. They created a fun environment and supported/encouraged us. I didn't realize how much of a workout this would be. I'm 100% sure I'll be coming back!