Boss Lady, PHEE 💅

Owner / Instructor


How Romance and Dance Pole Aerobics Got Started
My name is Philesia Manuel, owner of Romance and Dance Pole Aerobics, located at 22221 Avalon Blvd, in Carson, CA, 90745. My passion, you guessed it, is Pole Aerobics. Our slogan is “A Sexy New Way to Get in Shape.”
I first fell in love with Pole Aerobics in 2008. As the maid of honor in a wedding, I was in charge of the bachelorette party. I rented a pole for entertainment; I was the only one on it all night. “I was truly in love”.
I told my husband, Bo, I wanted a pole. He said “A what?” I said “A pole.” That weekend I came home, looked in my room, and discovered that my husband had made a pole for me. Yes, he made it! I called all of my girls and told them the good news. They rushed to my house; we danced, moved, and poled until midnight, all eight of us. After that, everyone was hooked, and every Saturday we practiced pole stunts. My husband would get upset because I would always say I’m going to clean up, but ended up with my girlfriends doing pole aerobics.
Eventually eight girls turned into 12 girls and so on. My girls would tell their friends to, “… go over Phee’s (aka Philesia) house, she will give you a good work out on the pole.
Then one day my husband came home and announced he was laid off from work. When I tell you God closes one door and opens another, I am a true example of that. I told my husband “No big deal, I’m not worried about it. The Lord will take care of us; I’m still working so I can handle it”.
Then I came up with this idea to open a studio in my garage. My girls could come over to work out in a sexy new way! Pole Aerobics… My husband was very supportive and worked day and night making poles in the garage. Soon, from the floor to the ceiling, the garage became a red crushed violet and black colored Pole Aerobic Studio!!! Now we had 4 poles. Everyone told their friends and it was an instant hit.
Meanwhile, I worked a 9-to-5 job fixing heaters, stoves, and going under houses. In the day, I work in a man’s world, but at night, I’m all woman helping other women get in shape a sexy way.
My routine was to come home to cook for three children and a husband, take the children to their sports activities, and spend the evenings teaching Pole Aerobics in my garage. This busy diva would usually get to bed by midnight.
Soon my clientele grew and we decided to open a studio in Carson. However, to make Romance and Dance different from other pole aerobic studios, we knew it had to have a unique flare. So we painted. Now, this large and roomy studio has a pink and zebra decor. No where will you see a studio like Romance and Dance. It has pink poles; custom-made by my husband, and pink and zebra walls.
Today, Romance and Dance has three locations. One in Carson, Los Angeles, and Rancho Cucamonga, and we’re currently looking for our fourth location. We have more than 200 classes per week, seven days a week, in addition to Pole dancing we offer twerk classes, floor and chair, abs boot camp, and butt-muscle control classes, splits flexibility, and much more. We serve more than 1,000 people throughout the week who are losing weight the sexy new way at Romance and Dance Pole Aerobic Studio."God is Good" - All the time.