Melissa Pineiro aka Mel P. I've been pole dancing for 4 years. My favorite pole pose is the Russian Layback because its reveals any girls sexy curves! My style of teaching varies with each student. Some students want exotic moves of a sexy goddess & some students want proper moves of a graceful ballerina. I do it all! My favorite memory of R&D is the first time I shadowed Phee during a pole party. She instantly got me hooked to pole dancing with her upbeat personality!!

My style of teaching is this:
1. BE PATIENT. It takes time, but you will get there.
2. BE EXPRESSIVE/FREE. Feel free to dance from within, let go of any inhibitions.
3. BE SAFE. Never do anything that has not been shown or taught to you. It can be dangerous & you will feel negative effects from injuring yourself.
4. HAVE FUN. This is what makes this form of dance exciting, new & worth the effort.
5. TRY not to get caught up in tricks, inverts and power moves that can sometimes make you forget the beautiful part of dancing & self expression.