Instructor, Pole & Twerk | Rancho

I’ve been dancing for 3 years. I started working at Romance and Dance in 2021. I have a passion for dancing sensually and to be able to express myself in movement. One of my favorite twerk movement is Butt Isolations. Its so sexy, but I love any move that you do, because it takes courage to dance.
My favorite memory from Romance and Dance is the last time I was there. Every time I go, it’s a good time and I constantly meet great people. And that makes it a good memory.
I like to teach a Variety of styles. I love to mix in some salsa steps, or a ball chain move, or some belly dance move, some ass shakin for sure, anything that flows with the music of choice. The goal is to make you look good on the pole and the floor. Shine bright!
My favorite style of dance is slow, control, sexy, and desirable. I love to be attuned with who I am.

- Zelda