Instructor | Carson

Hey guys, My name is Tsunami!
I’ve been pole dancing since 2017. I started all because I saw R&D post that they were hiring. I had no idea how to pole or anything about it but something told me just give it a try because it was definitely something I was interested in.
I bought a pole and learned just enough to audition for the position of a pole instructor with R&D. I sent the video in and Phee said. Umm I’m going to need you to come in because then videos are not it.
So I had a couple days to practice and BOOM. killed it!!!!
With all this time poling, my favorite move is the INSIDE leg hang. I love that move and that is my go to move. It’s such a beautiful shape yet so simple to and EVERYONE thinks your amazing when you do it.  I could never go wrong with it.
The inside leg hang actually reminds me of one of my favorite times here with R & D. I had a performance, that I had more than enough time to prepare for, and somehow still procrastinated with my routine until the day before show day, I believe Halloween.
I had to come up with something off the top of my head, I was so nervous.  The R&D family of course was very supportive and the crowd was amazing , I was able to go out there and when I tell you that leg hang saved me and my performance lol everyone loved it.
My dance style is smooth and sexy and that’s how I teach as well. Think of Ciara “Ride it” then imagine me (: that’s my style
And I Rides it!!
So come to class or book a private.
Byyeee (:


Tsunami is Available by Request for Pole Parties & Private Lessons.

Private classes, $110. Please call studio for availability