Yo, Yo, Yo, What it do?!

My name is Tiara aka After Shock or Viva la Pussé. I have been pole dancing on and off at Romance and Dance since 2011. I used to come every Friday with my friends for the buy 1 get 1 free class. I had to stop for a few years due to having multiple knee surgeries, but I loved it soooo much I knew I had to find a way to continue going. So when I found out they were hiring, I jumped at the opportunity to work as a receptionist, and have been working here since 2018. I also do thick girl workshops from time to time, where I love to incorporate both pole and chair dancing together. It gives me Ciara and Beyonce vibes. I love a nice choreographed dance that you can put your own stank to lol. My favorite pole move is the air walk because it shows both strength and elegance, both things that pole embodies. There are too many great memories that I could share, but the one that means the most is when we have our graduations. We get to see how far our students have come, with their self confidence hitting an all time high and learning all the different pole moves and tricks shows me that we are doing right by them. It also gives the pole family a chance to come together and bond and that's the part I love most.