Receptionist | Rancho

I’ve been a receptionist at Romance and Dance since 2021. My friend had a business mixer there and the vibe and energy was such a delight. One of the instructors informed me when the position became available so I hopped to it. Every since, my time working there and training, I’ve learned a lot about the art of pole dancing and I’ve learned a lot of methods, styles and tricks. One of my favorite go to tricks on the pole is the upside down crucifix, it’s simple yet it’s fun and looks amazing. As much as I like learning tricks I think I enjoy learning routines more, especially slow sexy routines with a mixture of floor play and a few spin combos thrown in the mix. My favorite memory of Romance and Dance has to be my birthday party. Because of the pandemic I wanted a small party but a fun party where my close family and friends could enjoy themselves. The host, pole instructor and twerk instructor did just that, they ensured a fun and memorable time for me and my guest. This has been a great place to work, train, party and meet new people at.