TV Advertisement (In Studio)

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Welcome to RND TV,  where we offer advertising space on our TV Screens in Studio during our Regular Schedule Class Times, 7 Days a Week.

Here is your opportunity to promote your business in front of thousands of women per month with a Flyer / Image on our TV screens. 

Each Flyer / Image will display for 8 Seconds twice every 5 Minutes total of 24 times per hour.

Only 5 Slots Available per Location: 

You must commit to 3 Consecutive Months at $33 Per Month automatic payment method.

1 Location: $33

2 Locations: $60

3 Locations: $85

Must be on a RND University Membership Package. (Only for Members) if not a member already you can sign up for any of our Class Membership Packages to qualify. 

We have 3 Locations to Choose to advertise on or Choose all 3 Locations.

We will need a Flyer / Image that you want uploaded to the TV sent via Email. 

Please give us a Call when you're ready to get started.