Rancho Cucamonga

Receptionist / Instructor

Hey! It's Missy, I'm a receptionist and Instructor here at R&D. I started pole dancing back in January 2017. I was a single mom going through a hard time in my life and needed something to help keep me going and feeling good. I had never been a gym person but I still wanted a good work out and something to help build back my confidence. I took a pole class at R&D and was addicted! It was a challenge for me at first but feeling myself progress with each class made me feel confident and accomplished. I love to challenge myself with new moves and get addicted to watching myself and others around me progress. I love focusing on flexibility & splits!! Pole splits, split drops, handstand splits!! And yes everyone can do the splits! Or anything! It just takes time, dedication, and patience! Come see me, I'll show you!