Instructor | Carson

HI! My name Jhasmynne. I am a full time mother, Licensed Cosmetologist and part time student, and all around wonderful gal. I'm an instructor here at Romance and Dance. I guess you can say i got the best of both worlds :) I joined R&D in 2013 as a receptionist. As I began to take classes and feel myself transform I was left with no other choice but to fall in love with the "pole life"; and some time later I began teaching. Being able to encourage other woman and see them grow and gain self confidence is why I love pole dancing. My favorite pole move is the 'brass monkey' because it was the first advance move i had learned and as i attempted it over and over i realized I SUCKED, but then as I grew more determined and committed I was able to execute it flawlessly. I love R & D because of all the beautiful and intelligent women that I am blessed to work with, but most of all all the memories we make together. We have so many crazy days but the most fondest would have to be when Phee took us out for a awesome girls day, food, drinks and the best part the spa. The only thing was when we got there was when we found out it was a nude spa, "yes" like get butt naked and stay like that, and of course we did just that! MEMORIES! Growing up I took a variety of dance classes from ballet to hip-hop so naturally my teaching style reflects a lot of what I learned, with a whole lot sexy and sensual splashed into my classes from the work out to the pole work I love to teach my students as I would want to be taught, In the most simplest form possible and of course with a whole lot of fun because it wouldn't be right with out that!

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