Instructor | Carson

Hello I'm Dionna better known as Dee!! I graduated from Lakewood high class of 2001. I've been an employee for 4 1/2 yrs I have plenty of memories but the one that sticks out the most is when all of R&D staff and family went downtown LA to feed the homeless. I can still remember the joy I felt that day. I started out as a receptionist taking a class here and there. The stronger I became the easier the trick became and Boom! Next thing I know I'm addict to pole and want to teach any and everybody how to do things they never image doing. My favorite pole trick is the allegra. The allegra was one of the first inverted trick I learned after much practice and bruises finally I got it. My teaching style is very simply one trick at a time quality not quantity. My favorite style of pole dancing is freestyle. I Iove to put on a song and get lost in the words and the beat just moves right through me telling me body what to do.

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