Dai Janai Brittani

I am Dai Janai Brittani and although I am a brand new Pole/Twerk instructor and receptionist as of this May 2021. My journey with Romance and Dance began back in 2014 when my dance company came to dance for Polen for Cancer. I fell in love with the vibe of the establishment and Phee’s story. I had come to the studio prior to that a few times for fundraisers and even for my own bachelorette party. However, it was the Pole'n for Cancer event that really sparked my interest in Romance and Dance.

My favorite pole move is the Reverse Ayesha and I love me some good ol’ isolations when I’m twerkin’! I love the Reverse Ayesha because I think it’s pretty and you can come out of it in so many ways. I like doing isolations when I twerk because I like to show what them cakes do! It truly amazes people when you can move one cheek at a time.

My favorite R&D memory was performing to Would you Mind by Janet Jackson for open house. I loved performing all the dances that night but opening up the night and setting the tone for the whole show was fun and I just love taking an audience on a journey. I think I got them good and ready to receive the rest of the performances.

My teaching style is like Beyoncé we Slay All Dai ! I have a professional background in dance and fitness. I have training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern , Hip Hop, Zumba and many other styles. Therefore, my dancing style pulls the best from all of my training in order to pull the inner Diva out of all of my students. So come slide into my class get in FORMATION and come Slay With Dai .  Every Wednesday for beginner pole at 5:50pm and 6:55pm. 

Private Lessons, $110. Please contact studio for availability.