Beginner Pole Aerobics 101 (3-6 Months)

Beginner Pole Aerobics, fitness 101 (3-6 Months)  Schedule -

Learn to perform basic pole moves, climb, spin, invert, flip up side down. The Perfect class for Entertainers. This class will be filled with divas just like you! This class is perfect for those who are new to pole dancing and want to see what it is all about. Prior to taking this class, we suggest you try our Intro Pole class. That way you get the basics to pole dancing out the way. In beginner pole class you will learn the fundamentals of pole dancing as well as floor work, beginner spins, inverting, and beginner climbing. Class begins with a 20 minute warm-up that builds upper body and core strength, and prepares you for your pole dancing journey. You will learn 1-3 pole tricks in class as well as some sexy sensual moves & poses. But, be careful because you will get hooked on Pole Aerobics! As you develop your skills on the pole and find your confidence and style as a pole dancer. We offer nothing but positive support and encouragement as you explore your strength and sensuality in this class. Can't wait to see a POLE new you!

Students should wear shorts or leggings, high heels (heels are not mandatory), and a comfortable shirt. To ensure a firm grip on the pole, please do not apply lotion on the day of class. A portion of the class includes stretches and an intense workout on a yoga mat. We have mats available to rent for $1, or you may bring your own if you prefer. Pre-registration for Beginner Pole Classes is required. Beginner Pole Classes are a prerequisite to sign up for Intermediate/Advanced Pole classes. Pre-registration for Beginner Pole Aerobics 101 Classes is required. Beginner Pole Aerobics 101 Classes is a prerequisite to sign up for Preparing For Graduation class.

Pin Wheel
Baby Doll
Lock Leg
Tinker Bell
Basic Invert
Sit and Stay
Flat Line
Gold Rush
Basic Climb