I started pole dancing on March 25th, 2014 (It was a Tuesday lol). My favorite pole move is the Juliette because this move allows you to be everything. This move is beautiful, graceful and a little dramatic. My favorite memory at RnD is preparing and performing for the Phantom of the Opera Pole Graduations 2015. This was my first time ever performing anything and I was so nervous! However through it all I remember all the love and support I received from everyone, students and staff! When people truly believe in you the way the Romance and Dance family does, its hard not to believe in yourself and I was so proud of myself.
My dancing style differs from day to day and song to song, but it's always sexy, sensual, and displays strength!!! Some days I feel extremely sexy others I feel incredibly strong. It's all depends on my mood.
My teaching style is patient and encouraging. Not so long ago I was the student and I remember how nervous I was. I try to always remember how I felt my first day.
I want my students to know...
1. I understand how difficult it can be to try something new especially when or if you are full of self doubt.
2. I'm always going to be their biggest cheerleader, and together we will get the job done!