'Sista 2 Sista' Members Referral Program

Must notify Receptionist if you Refer a New Student


As a means of rewarding our most loyal customers, you will receive a discount on your monthly membership fees for referring new clients to R&D. These referral discounts are automatically applied to your membership autopayment for as long as yourself & the referred remain eligible, and if the referred friend ends their membership, then the discount ends too.

  • This feature only works if both the referrer and the referred friend purchase a membership.
  • Autopay Memberships $99 or Less will receive a $5 Referral Discount per Referred Per month.
  • Autopay Memberships $100 or More will receive a $10 Referral Discount per Referred per month.
  • Must let Receptionist / Front Desk staff know of your Referral at time of sign up.