My name is Lauryn, AKA (Dare Devil). My current favorite pole move (because they change all the time as I continue to advance) is currently the Miracle. I like it a lot because it gives the illusion that I'm not holding on to anything and that I am just floating on the pole. I also love drops! I do not have a favorite drop in particular but I love the adrenaline that you get from doing them. My favorite R&D memory is when I walked into a class, before I started instructing, and a student asked me "Aren't you 'Inverter'?" It made me feel so accomplished and appreciative knowing my peers acknowledged me and my skills.

My teaching style is progressive..... I like to start with something really basic and then combo it with more difficult tricks and transitions. That way you get to continually work on what you already know along with learning something new and learning how to put everything together. My dancing style is what I like to call the "Sophisticated Ratchet". It is slow and sexy with a mix of a little bit of freak.