Carson Manager / Instructor



My name is Kia and I have been pole dancing for 6 years. My favorite pole move is the blind man grab/flying because it exudes so much strength and its beautiful. My favorite memory with R&D is probably my first competition. I was close to the end of the line up and watching the other women I became extremely nervous. I wanted to back out. The ladies of R&D encouraged me to get out there and while I was on stage I could hear them cheering me on and it gave me confidence. I came in 2nd place

My teaching had to ask a couple of students to help me our with this one. I am patient and thorough. I walk a student through the move sometime even explaining why their hand should be placed here, how their body should feel in the move etc.
My dancing style is slow, sensual, and graceful. I like to feel the music and let it move me.