Shake what ya momma gave yaaaa!
Hello it’s me your pu..y poppin extraordinaire JUICY I’ve been teaching for Romance And Dance since December 2020. I’ve always been a fan of RND, we had actually been following each other's social media for years before I got the chance to actually apply. I’ve always danced, all my life. I use to be a doo doo brown hydraulics baby. Shaking ass is my thing periodtt. My favorite twerk move is the timeless hands on your knees and pop that shit lol hellloooooo! So far, my favorite memory of the studio is probably all the memories I’m making too many to call just one. I would say my teaching style is coochie popping boot camp lol. It’s an open, judgment free environment so I love that the most and once you free your mind, your coochie follows periodtt. I would compare my teaching style to Solange cuz I’m not Beyoncé yet but she’s the closest thing to her lol, come get this work!