My first pole encounter was around 2013 at a friend's house. I was in love immediately and played on it whenever I could, but I couldn't afford steady lessons until around 2015. Since then, I've been doing between 4-6 hours a week pretty religiously with Romance and Dance! My Favorite pole move is the No-hands Genie for sure! It's become my signature move I guess. I love it because it looks really hard, but I find it super easy and comfy to just hang out in. My Favorite memory with Romance And Dance Not so much a memory as a testimonial,  but my favorite things about Romance And Dance are the instructors and the atmosphere.  This place has made working out something I actually look forward to doing. Everyone is welcoming and the instructors strike a great balance between pushing you and accepting where you are at the moment. Poling at R&D has helped me balance my mind and get the best body I've ever had! I have 2 blown disks in my lower back and a previous knee injury that used to really interfere with normal activities, but the core strength I've been able to build over the years of poling has made visits to the chiropractor and pain meds unnecessary at this point. #pole4life My teaching style as a teacher is meant to inspire and encourage. My goal is to meet students where they are at and do my best to make things fun. I try to tailor what is being taught so we all get a good workout in and leave feeling like we made progress. My dancing style is A little on the devilish side. Life is better upside down, so I end up doing a lot of exhausting inversion combos, with less focus on floor, chair, and wall work. I am willing to incorporate them into our routine.

"Aileen's" Class Schedule