D.J. Strutt



I started teaching at Romance and Dance in 2010 but have been pole dancing since 2008. My favorite pole move is the butterfly because that was one of the first harder moves that I learned and I remember the first time I ever hit it, I felt I was one unstoppable, strong, and sexy woman. Now anytime life gets tough on me I can go hit that trick and remember just who I am and what I am capable of. My all time favorite memory of Romance and Dance was on a staff outing where Phee took us to a spa which turned out to be a naked mandatory spa! We didn’t know that when we went there but decided to give it a try and had a fun naked time! I guess Romance and Dance is just the type of place that likes to challenge everyone to do something they never thought they’d do, even if that is just relaxing naked with a bunch of strangers. At Romance and Dance I teach the Sunday beginner pole class and the specialty floor and chair class. My teaching philosophy is the slower you move the harder you body has to work for it, so I like my students to move slow to engage their core muscles, challenge their body and really allow their sensuality to come out. My dance style mirrors my teaching style because I like to dance slow and sultry allowing my inner vixen to come out when I dance.