Bam Bam (Josh)

I have been pole dancing for since 2018. I have trained dance and movement since 2009 officially. Unofficially i have always been the kid who threw cartwheels at recess back in elementary school. since 2012 I have had experience working with gymnasts as young as walking age, i also have experience working with multiple skill levels in the same class.

 I would say my favorite pole move is a lay back, at the club when the music gets hype and i feel its appropriate to throw a trick that's my first go to move. even if the pole is slippery i feel confident throwing it down to a handstand just gotta move through it quickly!

my favorite memory has to be the beach day. even before we set up the pole a few people in the area were showing ignorance and hate. we set up the pole and people started dancing, and then it was my turn. i started dancing and someone threw a water bottle at me, and one guy decided to even stop me mid spin and tell me that "no one wanted to see you" the dancing spirit left me for a second and i got nervous, but one of the girls said "Joshua get on that motherfucking pole and show them what the fuck your working with" sharp message but it pulled my spirit back into the dance.

my teaching style is pretty open. since i have worked with kids and people of different ability levels i really try and get people to understand progression steps. if i throw a handspring there are many different steps to get there, so i want people to understand that if we are working on a specific skill there are many variations on how we work on that skill. i just need people to be open to new experiences.

my dancing style. i like to dance pretty, i have always heard from people "you need to dance more masculine". i do not limit myself to masculine or feminine because a pirouette is no different when you are a man or a woman. movement is movement. i feel like i enter a flow state and whatever happens, happens. my dance plan is to not have a plan.

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